St Augustine, Springfield, hold fundraiser for CAFOD

Pound Sale - Mrs Perrier May 09

On 31st May the parish held a fundraising event, organised by Mrs Phil Perrier. Mrs Perrier finds things at boot sales or in shop sales that will make nice gifts, rarely spending more than a few pence on each item. She then offers them in a tombola. Each draw ticket sold for £1 and every ticket won a prize that matched the number on the ticket. So everyone was a winner!

Phil set up her tables at each of the three Mass venues in Springfield and was blessed with a hot sunny morning/afternoon. Phil was assisted by her sister, Marie, who is visiting Chelmsford from her home in Bangalore, India. At the last location she was also joined by Mary Bailey.

The generous parishioners of Springfield helped to raise £137 to the good work being carried out by CAFOD.

Thank you to Mrs Phil Perrier, Marie and Mary and of course all the parishioners of St Augustine, Springfield.

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