Trinity School Yr 7 Citizenship Sessions

Trinity Yr 7

Nelson Mandela, “my mum”, Barack Obama and JK Rowling are just some of the people Yr 7 students admire and aspire to be like. We looked at what inspires and motivates people to do certain jobs and are often unsung heroes in everyday life, for example nurses, firemen, priests.

We then looked at the quote individual actions may seem insignificant but together the small steps of many people can have an astonishing impact. What does this mean? Examples from the students included you can’t do much with one brick but with many you can build a house and one person protesting might not make people listen but lots of people protesting would. Another example was a stick can easily be broken but a bundle of sticks are stronger.

To end the session there was a short introduction to the Climate Justice campaign and an opportunity for students to take a “small step that together will have a big impact” and make their hand print on a banner to send to the Government “our climate is in our hands”.
Trinity Yr 7 5

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