Brentwood Ursuline School play the trade game

trade game 5

The Yr 12 session started with Connections, when we looked at where commonly used products came from. Overwhelmingly the resources we rely on, and use everyday, are from the developing world so the question is: Why is there such a gap between rich and poor?. Answers included lack of health care, disease, climate change, corruption, greed, debt, unfair trade … which led us into the second session – playing the Trade Game.

The trade game is a great way to show the inequalities that exist between rich and poor countries. It shows how difficult it is to function without adequate resources and with rich countries making rules that have a devastating effect on other countries.

The resourcefulness of some of the groups was admired – if we can’t sell our cotton on the world market what else can we do? Do we just sit here and do nothing or shall we try to sell our cotton to other countries, go to work for other countries, sell our resources? But the bad side also came out, leading back to greed, corruption, unfair trade – sound familiar?

trade game 2

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