CAFOD makes waves at V2009 – Friday

Joe putting up his tent

Joe putting up his tent

Joe Howell writes:
Friday – At about 5pm on 21st August, myself and eleven other young adults assembled for the first time at the CAFOD site at V festival 2009 in Chelmsford. We put up our tents and then over a BBQ we planned for the weekend ahead.

Our aim was to promote CAFOD’s Climate for Justice campaign to as many of the 160,000 festival-goers as possible.

After dinner we spent a little while enjoying the first parties before heading for bed ready to begin the next day.

Clare and Lizzie

Clare and Lizzie

3 thoughts on “CAFOD makes waves at V2009 – Friday

  1. Dear all :),

    I’ve just been browsing, yet again, through my V Festival pictures, and I just wanted to say how brilliant this year was. Although we did not reach last year’s target (which amazes me, because we worked our socks off!), I feel that myself and the rest of the ‘V’ crew made our own, significant mark in Chelmsford.

    The high enthusiasm of the group was brilliant; it really gave people the confidence and positivity to approach festival-goers and to really engage with them. Many of the ‘rovers’ seemed to have such a natural way of persuasion that they could turn even the surliest of campers into CAFOD enthusiasts! (Even though the stickers and the ‘hippie hands’ were a big enticement too!)

    The guys on the stall did an amazing job too; I came back not even two hours after the start of my roving, and the whole stretch of material had nearly been filled with lots of different hands! It looked really impressive on the front of the CAFOD tent, and a reminder of our achievement the day before.

    Moreover, the most rewarding thing seemed to me to be the genuine interest in CAFOD itself; although some discussions with Campers became rather ardent, it was really stimulating to hear other’s points of view on climate change.

    In particular, I had a discussion with a policeman who came to the festival off-duty about the G20 protests in London. In the end, I left our conversation feeling that I’d really learned something from another’s experience and respect for his opinions. Because, I suppose that’s exactly what it’s about.

    So, all in all, it was an amazing weekend, and full credit to the CAFOD organisers!

    Best wishes,

    Clare Everett (CAFOD volunteer)

    • Good to hear from you Clare. Just heard from the team that went to Greenbelt. They were speaking to Athlete about the campaign and Athlete said they’d seen the giant hands at V and had signed a few! Not sure if we can take the credit but good to know they remembered us!

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