Clergy Day of Reflection on Creation and Environmental Justice

Celia (far right) with priests and the CAFOD Brentwood team

CAFOD Brentwood was delighted to welcome priests to a Day of Reflection facilitated by Susy Brouard from CAFOD’s spirituality team, with theological input from Professor Celia Deane-Drummond. The day was spent exploring what the Bible and Catholic Social Teaching tell us about creation and environmental justice, through prayerful reflection, theological input and sharing.

The priests all remarked how wonderful Celia’s talk was and how much she challenged them.

It was also an opportunity to give the priests a taster of the Lent Fast Day 2010 50th Anniversary materials and Give It Up

Giving up something is an important part of what it is to be a Catholic, even for people who are not regular mass goers. The Give It Up campaign is a different, more up-to-date way of explaining the concept and purpose of fasting and makes it altogether more understandable.

One comment was

“It’s a great update of Fast Day and should make more people join in and think about others during Lent”

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