What do we want? Climate Justice! When do we want it? Now!

Young leaders at the wave

Today is Saturday and we are all off to the wave, I was extremely excited in taking part in a coalition march with CAFOD. I felt that I could do my part in giving my opinion on the theme which today was the climate. On the bus my mind started to wander on the fact of what was going to happen although it did not prepare me for the real thing. I thought on how I was going to take part, how was I going to adapt in the unknown circumstances that was to impact me in a supernatural way.

As I said earlier that it would not prepare me for the real thing, it blew me away. The atmosphere and numbers of the crowd as it turned my imagination upside down. Ian, St Benedicts College

Jonathan, Ashley, Ian, Matt

The bus ride to the campaign was very lively as we waved to everyone in London and tried to grab the attention of the police but failed terribly. When we got to the campaign it was very lively and loud as many people were cheering. After many hours of walking, shoutin, cheering and more we realised that our voices were getting quieter and worn out, however this did not stop us from cheering for climate justice. After a long, loud and energetic day we got back on to the bus to go back to Walsingham House. The journey was quiet as everyone was sleeping other from Matt torturing himself by peeling stickers off his face. After a long day everyone looked as blue as the face paint on their face. After the rally we felt that we achieved a lot with our energetic campaigning. Ashley and Jonathan B Trinity Catholic High School

Today has been incredible! Such an experience. We were surrounded by hundreds of people with banners and signs all for the same reason we were there and it felt great. You felt like you really were making a difference and getting the attention of those around you.
We shouted at the tops of our voices different chants. ‘What do we want – Climate Justice – When do we want it – NOW!’
I feel so much more inspired and driven to help CAFOD and think anyone and everyone should get involved. A day to remember for a very very long time.
Sian Thomas – Walsingham House, Canvey Island

Claire (Chaplain, Brentwood Ursuline) and Sian

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