Grays Convent – wonderful world

Year 9 at Grays Convent took part in a day of varied activities, based on the theme “Wonderful World”. The first session, led by volunteer John Birbeck, looked at the qualities and values that we should all aspire to. This was followed by Pauline Spratt leading a session on climate change. After finding out about the causes of climate change and how it affects CAFOD partners, the students made a poster of handprints.

make us proud Gordon Brown

There were some excellent comments, and let us hope Gordon Brown does make us proud!

There was then a liturgy that included prayers and reflections that looked at the work of CAFOD, climate change and values and the handprints and other art work were displayed.

After lunch, students created new fashions from old clothes, showing how you can reuse and recycle. They had to follow a theme from the day and present their designs during a fashion show.

Peace, multicultural and hot climate

Writing messages

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