New Hall students raise over £3000 for Haiti

Head of New Hall Preparatory School, Sarah Conrad, with CAFOD Volunteer Sean O'Leary (right)

Annabel Brown, Director of Marketing & PR, New Hall School writes

Students at New Hall School, Chelmsford, have been very busy for the past week raising funds for CAFOD to support the Haiti Earthquake Appeal.

At both Senior and Preparatory School assemblies, Sean O’Leary, CAFOD Schools Volunteer, collected cheques which totalled over £3000.

Students were asked to bring in £2 for the appeal but many students chose to give more or to organise special fundraising activities. Particular commendation goes to Year 7 student Isabelle Davies who raised £123 for the Haiti appeal by selling cakes and cookies during break and lunchtimes, which she decided to do after seeing the news reports about the devastation following the earthquake.

Sean O'Leary (2nd left) receives a cheque from the secondary school

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