Lent Fast Day 2010 (26th February) – Give it up!

The office is busy preparing for Lent Fast Day, arranging speakers and ensuring resources are despatched. It’s always a busy time of year but this year seems even more hectic – especially with the earthquake in Haiti. But that’s what we are here for!

We’re all trying to do our bit, Joanna is press-ganging everyone who visits the office to hand over their 5p and 50p coins (as well as emptying her own purse!), Mary will be giving up chocolates, sweets AND cakes, our office volunteer David is giving up chocolate digestives and Denise is giving up her flavoured fizzy water (to be replaced by eau de Thames). With Ash Wednesday rapidly approaching we’re having to eat up our current supply of biscuits and chocolates – the usual things that keep an office going!

What will you give up this Lent?

To find out more about Give it up! or to donate online, take a look here

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