Romero Event at Brentwood Cathedral

Sarah and Maddy (right, Brentwood J&P)

The Brentwood J&P Group organised a Mass and talk on the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero to mark the 30th anniversary of his assassination.

The beautiful Mass was enhanced by wonderful singing from the Cathedral choir. The readings, prayers and reflections were shared by Roisin and Margaret from Brentwood J&P, Davina from CJSR and Mary from CAFOD. The homily spoke of the example Archbishop Romero set for our lives as Christians.

Sarah during her talk

A talk was given by Sarah Smith-Pearse, CAFOD communications officer for Central America. Davina (CJSR) thanked Sarah for “giving such an inspiring and informative insight into the Archbishop’s life – you gave us an illustration of what life must have been like for Romero in El Salvador and the enormous influence he had/still has on its people”

You can read Sarah’s talk here

Thank you to Maddy and the Brentwood J&P Group for organising the evening.

Sarah and Davina (left, CJSR)

Mary (CAFOD Brentwood), Denise and Bernice (Parish Contact, Walthamstow)

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