St Bonaventure’s Year 7s talk about how they can livesimply

Denise visited a Yr 7 class as part of their Lent programme and invited the boys to think about how they live their lives and the impact it has on others, especially in the developing world.

We completed a quiz to find out if they were eco-leaders or eco-losers (and pleased to say the majority were eco-leaders or heading that way) and looked at ways they could all work towards being eco-leaders.

At the end of the session everyone was invited to commit to do something to help them along the way to living more simply. Ideas included turning the tap off when cleaning their teeth, not leaving their TVs on stand-by and not leaving their PSP and mobile phones charging for longer than they needed.

A lovely thought from one young man was not to take things for granted.

Ryan with his money box

There was a CAFOD box at the front of the classroom and when Denise asked if they all had them in their classrooms, or if any had one at home, Ryan pulled a box out of his bag – it’s always with him (and it was pretty heavy!)

Denise also managed a quick chat with one of the Year 11 CAFOD Group. They recently arranged a CAFOD Quiz for year 7s and 8s, saying they enjoyed it but it was a challenge to make the boys listen to the questions!

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