Lynn’s London Marathon

Lynn O’Malley, CAFOD volunteer, mum and solicitor, from Ardleigh, Colchester raised hundreds of pounds by participating in the world famous Virgin London Marathon on Sunday

Lynn O’Malley aged 42 ran alongside 36,000 runners, including celebrities such as Richard Branson and Lorraine Kelly and completed the gruelling 26.2 mile race in just under 6 hours.

Lynn, who has two children and is a parishioner at St John Payne Catholic Church, Ardleigh said:

‘I’m delighted it’s over and that I’ve raised nearly £1,000 but disappointed in my time. I also ran in the Connemarathon in Ireland a couple of weeks ago and I think I may have expected too much of myself! However, it’s not about me but helping those that are living in poverty around the world, and thanks to my family, friends, parishioners and colleagues the money raised will contribute to a better life for many people’

Joanna and her son Tom were Team CAFOD cheerleaders on the day – ensuring all 22 CAFOD runners received a loud cheer as they passed Mile 17.

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