A £5 note and a Lenten Challenge

The Justice & Peace group with (l-r) Chaplain Christine Webb, Sean O'Leary and Head, Mr Schular

At St John Payne school in Chelmsford, the Justice & Peace group led the school community in an exciting Lenten Challenge. At a launch assembly the J&P group presented a drama based on the parable of the talents. Each form group was given £5 by the Head, Mr Schular, and the J&P group set the challenge to try and make more of their £5 during a four week period.

Form groups got to work to create innovative fundraising opportunities ranging from car washing, leg waxing and sponsored events to make-overs, competitions and cake sales.

The staff got involved too, and Charities Co-ordinator Mr Mead was even persuaded to wear the “shirt that hurts” (for him as an avid Norwich City supporter he had to suffer the humiliation of wearing an Ipswich Town shirt for the day!)

There was some healthy competition between form groups to see who could raise the most and a running total was displayed in school along with messages of encouragement from school chaplain, Christine. Such were the efforts of years 7 and 8, that the target figure was increased more than once.

At the end of the four week period the school celebrated their efforts with a non uniform day and a special assembly. The school welcomed Sean O’Leary, CAFOD volunteer, to speak about some of the projects that would be supported by the funds raised. Form representatives proudly returned their £5 to Mr Schular and presented the extra cash they had made for CAFOD.

Prizes were awarded to the form groups who raised the most: Form 8 Augustinians raised a mighty £486.53! In total St John Payne community raied £4868.16 and had a lot of fun doing so.

You can read more from secondary schools around the Diocese by downloading our Secondary Schools Newsletter here

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