St Augustine’s Primary School, Barkingside look at the Millennium Development Goals

Schools volunteer, Angela Bow, visited St Augustine’s primary school and writes:

“I visited St Augustine’s this morning. Lots of lovely activities based on Millennium Development Goals. Children were having great fun!! KS2 classes were doing a rolling programme of activities”

Ada. Class 6A.
“I really enjoyed today. I’ve learnt so much information that I never knew before. I still can’t believe how many people don’t have clean water!
I also had fun in the afternoon seeing and learning more about my country and others.
Overall, the whole experience has been amazing! Seeing all the different costumes and watching an array of presentations made it a day I will never forget!”

Goal 2. Team game to demonstrate how obstacles can prevent children for achieving their potential.

Goal 4. Visiting parent with baby explaining the daily routine and needs of a young baby to stay healthy.

Ranmini . Class 5A.
“I had a great time at our International Day and learnt a lot about how some children around the world have to work so hard to earn money and how far they have to walk to collect clean water…..and how some cannot get an education like we can.”

Goal 6. How cleanliness can save lives. Soap making activity.

Goal 7. The importance of recycling and not wasting the world's resources

Goal 7. Transporting water races. Who can waste the least amount of water?

Sophia. Class 4B .
“Today was International Day and I had so much fun! In the morning we did activities to learn about the Millennium Goals and in the afternoon lots of parents and relatives had stalls and taught us lots about life in different countries around the world.
It was like a tour of the world!”

Goal 7. There's a hole in my bottle activity. What is the best way to mend it to preserve water?

Goal 8. Working together to plant sunflower seeds focusing on the need for plants and food to make the world a better place

Primary school resources looking at the Millennium Development Goals can be found here

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