Aylesford Youth Festival Acts on Poverty

Over 150 young people came along to the Aylesford Youth Festival, co-organised by the Brentwood Catholic Youth Service and Southwark Catholic Youth Service. It was a lovely sunny day and young people enjoyed creative art, drama, dance and drumming workshops. CAFOD Brentwood joined the day to invite young people to take part in the latest campaign action – Act on Poverty.

Basildon Parish Group

70 young people made commitments to act on Aid, Climate Change and Business – the three asks of Act on Poverty.

Fr Dan Mason, Chaplain BCYS

I will recycle, walk to school and use the bus more

Our Lady of Lourdes parish group

Laurence, Our Lady of Lourdes parish, Wanstead

I will care for water, what are you going to do?

say no to sweatshops!

keep the targets for reducing poverty

Need a big push for all businesses to use Fairtrade products. To show that everywhere and everyone has the right to trade and work and to be paid fairly

I will recycle, will you reduce Britain’s carbon pollution?

people want to help themselves – help with their first steps

Staff from Simon Stock School, Maidstone

Our school collected £600 for training for water use and conservation – we will continue to support CAFOD as a school

– Simon Stock Catholic School, Maidstone

I will write to my MP, Ian Duncan Smith, to ask him to ensure that the poorest people are not unfairly treated by the cuts in benefits

Christ the King parish, Chingford

I’m going to help those who ask for it and those too proud to

Christ the King parish, Chingford

Raise awareness through talking to people about climate change and what they can do

Fr Joe Chalmers, O.Carm

The Carmelite NGO, affiliated to the UN, has taken climate change as one of our tasks

During the day, we ran a “Keepy Uppy” competition. The winner was Bill from Chingford with an amazing (to us anyway!) 297 and runner up was Westley from Croydon. The ladies league prize went to Michela from New Malden. Well done to everyone who took part.

Bill receiving his prize from Denise

Michela receives a Great Generation mug from Joanna

See Flickr! for more images or CAFOD Brentwood’s Facebook page

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