Gilwell 24 Act on Poverty

Gilwell 24 is an Explorer Scout 24 hour long day of activity and challenge running from 09:00 on Saturday straight through until 09:00 Sunday and takes place at Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre in Chingford, NE London. It is the second time CAFOD Brentwood has been invited to take part in the Global Zone activities. Unfortunately(?) we couldn’t organise a stand for the full 24 hours, and attended Saturday 9am-6pm.

Calum, who attends the London Oratory school, was one of the first to Act on Poverty

We took our “No 10” door and 58 people made a commitment to Act on Poverty, while others played jenga or the climate change game. The temperature reached 34 degrees by mid afternoon and our marquee soon became a haven of shade.

Explorers from West Warwickshire

I promise to walk to Explorers every week instead of driving

I promise I will try to buy more Fairtrade bananas and chocolate!


Giovanni, a Scout volunteer from Rome, promised:

I will do more composting and recycling

Find more photos on our Facebook page

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