Holy Name parish, Chelmsford Connect2 Rwanda

(L-R) Pat & Dianne O'Connor, Fr Hugh, Brian & Cathie Wickham

Holy Name parish is one of the first parishes in the diocese to sign up to the new parish scheme, Connect2. The parish will be supporting Rwanda and Cathie will be speaking about Connect2 in her parish this weekend.

The women of Musha have so much to teach us about survival and friendship. “Although we don’t have a lot in this village, we share the little we possess,” says Verene (centre). “We look after each other.”

Introducing Connect2: …. – getting closer to CAFOD’s work
Have you ever wanted to find out more about CAFOD’s work on the ground and how it impacts on the lives of people in the communities where your generous donations are used? If the answer is yes, then from now, you and your parish will be able to do so.

CAFOD is offering the opportunity for your parish community or group to enter into a relationship with one of our overseas partners to learn more about the impact your generosity is making in the lives of people in specific communities in El Salvador, Cambodia, Rwanda, Brazil, Ethiopia and Bangladesh.

We asked a number of our key partners in these countries if they would be willing to enter into a more in depth relationship with parishes around England and Wales. Their response was one of great enthusiasm.

They all want you to know more about them but they also want to hear about you and life in your community. So it’s a real opportunity to go on a journey together.

When you get involved in Connect2: you will learn more about the lives, hopes and struggles of particular people in a community you choose and how their lives change over the next few years. And through photographs of special events, cards and stories you can share something of your own parish and community life.

Find out more by calling the office on 0208 502 9722 and on the CAFOD website

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