CAFOD Brentwood August newsletter now online!

There’s a lot going on!

* Find out how to donate to help the millions of people left homeless by the Pakistan floods and an update on Haiti 6 months on

* Fundraising – Mary Balding and Janet Price join Team CAFOD and will be running in the Great North Run later this year, whilst others took part in the annual Pedal against Poverty

Mary Balding writes

… I have been bitten by the “jogging bug” … I feel any money I raise will be well spent in Africa via CAFOD

* Read about our recent visits to schools, the Aylesford Youth Festival and Gilwell 24 Explorer Scout event and what has happened in parishes around the diocese

Ada, Class 6A St Augustine’s Primary School said

… I’ve learnt so much information that I never knew before. I still can’t believe how many people don’t have clean water!

Take a closer look at what’s happening around the Diocese in support of CAFOD – read more>>

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