Aidan (7) sets out his stall for CAFOD

Aidan with his cake and jam stall

7 year old Aidan, from Loughton in Essex, spent his summer planning a jam and cake sale for CAFOD and the NSPCC.

Enterprising Aidan sold home-made Rhubarb Jam and Mixed Berry Jam as well as cup cakes when he ‘set up shop’ outside his house, raising £31.76 for CAFOD. Aidan even made the stall himself.

When Aidan decided he wanted to do this, he also did research on how much jam cost in the supermarket to decide a fair price for the homemade jam.

Aidan making his stall

Busy in the kitchen

Aidan is a pupil at St Augustine’s, Barkingside and sold a jar of jam to headmistress Delia Doyle who was very proud of his initiative.

We certainly have a budding entrepreneur in Aidan!

He gave his money to Diocesan Manager Joanna Jarvis with the following letter

Dear Mrs Jarvis. In the summer holidays I had a cake and jam sale and here is the money raised for CAFOD. From Aidan

Joanna said “I was touched that someone so young went to so much effort. I like the idea that so many people will benefit from this – cooking with Mum, friends and neighbours enjoy tasty jam while at the same time raising money to help others”

Aidan sells his first jar to neighbour Louise

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