Grays Convent Yr 9 Put their heart into it!

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We recently visited Grays Convent to take part in a Yr 9 RE day, around the Harvest Fast Day theme, Put your heart into it.

The session opened with a short film about the Fullness of Life and then the Harvest Fast Day assembly. Various workshops looked at what it means to live life to the full, including a values auction and how climate change is affecting our partners overseas, making it increasingly difficult to “live life to the full”.


After a short break, students were invited to be Pope for a Day when students wrote their own statements about issues affecting the world and how we should respond.

In the afternoon, students were taking part in a CAFOD Quiz

Thank you to Head of RE, Mr Paul O’Hanlon, for inviting CAFOD to Grays Convent, and to volunteers John, Pauline and Peter for their time.

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