CJSR Schools Day Report

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Schools from around the diocese came together at Canon Palmer School in Seven Kings for the annual CJSR Schools Day. This year’s theme was Peace in our Hearts and Home.

Have faith in ourselves, our homes, our hearts, sport, our world

Students from St John’s School (Chigwell), Trinity High (Woodford Green), St Angela’s (Forest Gate), St Thomas More (Westcliff), Brentwood Ursuline, Grays Convent and Canon Palmer attended workshops organised by CJSR, CAFOD and More than Gold.

The CJSR workshop looked at personal peace and home is where the heart is and the importance of communication.

CAFOD volunteers, John Birbeck and Peter Jones, ran a workshop looking at fullness of life and asked the question “how is it possible for us to have peace in our own hearts whilst others around the world struggle for basic needs?”

If you want to live a life of happiness, help someone. Whoever is moved to love begins to learn what life is. It’s what you choose to say that makes the difference. CAFOD fullness of life

The More than Gold workshop looked at the forthcoming Olympics and how young people can be involved. It also looked at the dignity of the person, how we have to heal ourselves so we can live in peace with others.

During the closing liturgy, students were invited to pin commitments to a cross as witness of what they have been inspired to do following the workshops.

Thank you to CJSR for organising the day, to Canon Palmer for their hospitality and to Peter and John for running the workshop.

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