St Helen’s Infants School, Brentwood, raise money for Pakistan

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Head teacher, Sheila Rainsford, writes:

“During the week beginning 20th September our school spent a whole week enjoying a variety of activities to raise money for Pakistan, following the devastating floods.

Time was spent talking to the children (all aged between 4 years and 7 years old) and explaining what had happened. The following activities then took place:

* a bucket for “copper” was left at the school door every morning for a week for “loose” change
* a trail of 10ps spelt out the word “Pakistan”
* a raffle was held to win a Dr Who annual and autograph of the new doctor
* a “bring and buy” book sale took place
* Y2 decorated biscuits and then sold them to the rest of the school, after donating all the sweets for the decoration

We all had a lovely time and are delighted to send you a magnificent donation of of £685.75.”

CAFOD Brentwood says: “THANK YOU to all the pupils, teachers and parents!”

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