Wanstead Campaigners make Big Climate Connection with John Cryer MP

Olive (L) and Des (R) join others for the Big Climate Connection

Des Howells writes:

“Unable to meet my MP, John Cryer, over the Big Climate Connection weekend, I wrote a long letter to him, and expressed our concerns and listed our asks. He has responded to our asks. The Energy Security and Green Economy Bill is not yet before the House. My MP tried to get information about what was in the Bill and this was not easy as it is a Tory Bill but he seems to think that what we are asking is not mentioned in the Bill but there could be amendments.

Cancun has had a low profile.

On Saturday I finally met with my MP. The group was made up of the co-ordinator, Steve, who is a Labour activist but passionately interested in local green issues. There was also a young man from Friends of the Earth, also involved in local issues, and another interested in Transition and in preserving wild nature spots. Olive Flynn and I made up the group. We are both from Our Lady of Lourdes, Wanstead and also CAFOD supporters.

Our MP had already done some work after he received my letter and we handed in a letter and briefing. He was very positive.

He did not say that he would write to David Cameron and Chris Huhne because the Bill is not yet before the House and there had been no reference to the meeting in Cancun.

I feel sure that our MP has taken on board our issues and will do what he can. We hope to meet again.”

Monday 29 November sees the start of a fortnight of United Nations Climate Change Conference talks in Cancun, Mexico – read more

To read more about what happened during the Big Climate Connection, click here >>

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