All Saints School – The things we tutu for CAFOD!

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Head of RE, John Adams, writes:

Our Sixth Form led again on the fundraising this year to augment our sponsored silence, with no fewer than three additional activities :

– we had a Fairy Football Match on 15th December, Sixth Form against staff, ticket only or a substantial donation in the bucket in order to watch. Staff won 1-0 after some creative refereeing by … a member of staff. In an interview afterwards, to the question “Why did you disallow that Sixth Form goal?”, the surprisingly frank answer was “Because they scored”. Both teams wore tutus and fairy wings and wands were used in a sporting manner.

– on 16th December we had a Slave Auction, re-titled Friend Auction, where Sixth Formers were auctioned off to serve younger pupils or staff on Monday 20th December for a whole day, a day indeed where the Sixth Formers were on study leave. Staff bids for the most intelligent or physically fit pupils reached unexpected levels.

– the finale of our fundraising was the sumo wrestling match on 17th December which I had the good fortune to referee; we hired two large and two small sumo suits and a mat and “wig”-style head protectors, and it was probably one of the funniest things we’ve done at All Saints. Participants paid hard cash to be shunted around by their peers and the audience was again persuaded to fork out entrance money.

I must say our Sixth Formers did us proud in organising and running these events


In the end, at close of play on Monday 20th December, we raised £4,595.33p. We’re still hoping for a few more donations to come in in the new year due to the disruption caused by the snow etc. I think that means we’ve raised about £40,000 for CAFOD since December 2004. Needless to say, I phoned CAFOD and ordered over 175 World Gifts to the tune of £4,252 by Friday 17th and they were delighted. I’ll be ordering more when we return to school!”

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