Haiti – One Year On

In the year since the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti, CAFOD supporters have donated £5.3m to the emergency.

One year ago, on the afternoon of January 12, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti’s capital Port au Prince. More than 230,000 people were killed, 300,000 injured and 1.5m were left homeless.

The generous response of CAFOD supporters across England and Wales to the plight of Haitians has seen £5.3m given to the CAFOD Haiti Earthquake Appeal in just 12 months. But there is still an enormous amount of work still to do.

CAFOD’s head of humanitarian Matthew Carter said: “There is no quick fix to coping with the scale of this humanitarian disaster, but it is vital that Haitians are allowed to be at the heart of this massive task of recovery, so that they play their part in bringing about a less vulnerable and more equitable nation.”

CAFOD, working through its Caritas partners, is using supporters’ donations to bring aid to the people still living in camps and helping survivors of the earthquake rebuild their lives.

The tireless fundraising of CAFOD suporters in response to this terrible disaster has shown that even when individuals and families are facing hard financial times, they can still be astonishingly generous.

It will take years of hard work for the people of Haiti to rebuild what they have lost and we, in the UK, are showing we are there for the long-haul; we are not just fair weather friends.

Over the past year CAFOD-funded aid has delivered:

• Tents and shelters for thousands of people made homeless by the quake, as well as kitchen kits containing pots, pans and cooking utensils

• Shower blocks, latrines and hygiene kits in camps; all are vital for preventing the spread of disease

• A safe water supply for more than 40,000 people, using “water bladders” – large plastic inflatable tanks of water that are regularly refilled

• Medical supplies for families at risk of cholera

• Health education to spread the word about cholera and, and good hygiene practices

• Disaster Risk Reduction/Preparedness education to help people prepare for future emergencies

• Permanent homes that are resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes, built by Haitian community members and skilled craftsmen using local, sustainable materials

Read more on the main website and to download a powerpoint for use in schools. There is also a short video available on Youtube

The good news that is the people of Haiti
We pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti,
that our compassion will not tire
as the days of need stretch across time.
Help us to seek out and share
the good news of the Haitian people
who comfort each other and
work together to rebuild and renew their communities.
May our partners walk alongside
and learn from your people’s wisdom
so that all may experience the fullness of life you
promised us.
We pray in the name of Jesus who walked alongside the
marginalised and learnt from those about him.


Pat Pierce/CAFOD

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