We need your help to Give It Up for Lent

The Give it Up! website goes live in January, and it would be fantastic if we could launch it complete with photographs of YOU with your pledges!

Give it up is back for 2011! This Lent we are asking if you can give something up, and get sponsored for doing it to support small businesses in developing countries.

Eliana and her family in the photo here were forced from their home because of violence in their neighbourhood, and had to flee to a new place, homeless and with no money.

Now Eliana’s mum is part of a metal furniture business with CAFOD partners and the future is brightening for this family.

Could you make the most of your time this Lent by making it your business to help people in Colombia with theirs?

Whatever you give up – from your time to organise a fundraising event, to chocolate for Lent, the money you raise or save could make such a difference to the lives of people living in poverty.

Please send your photos of yourselves and your group to: vahmed@cafod.org.uk

Read more here

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