Our Lady of Lourdes, Wanstead, Connect2 El Salvador

Our Lady of Lourdes Wanstead shares its lives with El Salvador.

Thank you to Father Pat, Bishop John and Father Keith for their hospitality last weekend and to Sarah Smith Pearse from the Latin America Section at CAFOD who spoke passionately at all Masses to launch their Connect2 scheme to El Salvador.

Sarah spoke about Puentecitos, a small village to the west of El Salvador and the people she has got to know over the last couple of years. She also explained how the Connect2 scheme invited parishioners to learn more about the villagers lives and extend a hand of friendship and solidarity.

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At the coffee morning people were encouraged to write a message or sign a card which Sarah is going to present to the village on her next visit along with photos.

Joanna, who accompanied Sarah, said how touched she was by the childrens’ enthusiasm to write messages and by one young girl in particular, Weronika, who wrote

‘I would like to live in a world with only one language, the language of love’

Joanna was also impressed by all the messages written in Spanish – sorry no translations!

Other comments included “I hope it is not too hot. It’s freezing here” and “We will keep you in our prayers”

Over the next year Our Lady of Lourdes will receive updates and news on the lives of the people in Puentecitos through the blog, email, quarterly update and Sarah’s forthcoming visit and the parishioners will in turn be encouraged to share with the villagers how they are supporting their chosen country through prayer and action.

More information about Connect2 here

‘I hope it is not too hot. It’s freezing here’ – ‘We will keep you in
our prayers’ –

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