London Marathon runner Will: “just a few short runs before the big day”

Will Daly

Will has sent his latest training diary updates:

Wednesday 13 April
Marathon week!!!! My toenails are just about hanging on and I’m really slowing down now on the training. Just a few very short runs this week before the big day on Sunday. Praying for a cool day, not too hot so that I can make it round the course without totally dehydrating and looking forward to seeing family and friends along the way 🙂

Can’t wait to cross the finish line knowing that the cold morning and late night training runs have all been worth it to raise money for such a brilliant charity as CAFOD.
If you would like to sponsor Will, he has a JustGiving page here >>

Thursday 3 March
Tonight I ran from Barking to Upminster and back. Boy was it hard! Was so cold at the start of the run and I nearly turned for home but made a deal with myself to stick it out and dig deep to keep going. A hard run after a days work but it needed to be done. Was 10.45pm when I got in, cold and tired – I slept well that night!

Tuesday 8 March
CAFOD running vest arrived in the post today so going to start wearing it on training runs so I get used to it.

Saturday 12 March
Long run day. Ran about 16 miles. Really enjoyed the run. Lovely weather, running through gorgeous countryside and chocolate box villages. Stopped for an ice cream and tanked up on water, lucozade and cola. Was a good run on a beautiful spring day can’t wait for the marathon.

If you would like to sponsor Will, he has a JustGiving page here >>

25 February
“I am delighted to be running this year’s London Marathon for CAFOD. 26.2 miles is no easy feat even for the most experienced runner, but the early morning and cold evening training runs are made so much more bearable knowing that I am doing it for such a great charity. It’s always struck me how what can be considered to be the smallest thing like a chicken or a book can make such a positive impact on a person’s life. The way that CAFOD respond to the different needs of poeple around the world, always with the preservation of human dignity at the heart of everything they do is invaluable and inspiring. This is why I run for CAFOD.

My training is going well, some days are better than others and some days especially when it’s raining its very tempting to make excuses not to put my trainers on! I can’t wait for Marathon day though, it’s a great atmosphere and knowing that I am running for CAFOD will keep me going round the course (that and a ton of pasta!)”

If you would like to sponsor Will, he has a JustGiving page here >>

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