Congratulations to Team CAFOD abseilers!

The sun shone and Harlow Water Tower stood proud alongside the M11. Eight intrepid supporters made their way to the top of the 120ft tower and prepared to abseil down to raise funds for CAFOD’s work.

First up, Brother Stephen and Kate Cook (both from Holy Name, Chelmsford), Patrick Corcoran (St George’s, Shoeburyness), Peter Silvester (Our Lady of Grace, Chingford) and Anzal Javaid (Ilford Ursuline School) prepared to walk the 138 steps to the top of the tower.

Brother Stephen

Brother Stephen had “volunteered” to take part in the abseil after hearing all about it from parishioner Martin Humphries, who took part a few years back.

Kate Cook

Kate Cook is a Schools Volunteer and decided to take part soon after hearing about the event. Kate’s husband and four children cheered her on.

Patrick Corcoran and Peter Silvester both read about the abseil in their respective parish newsletters and thought it would be a good idea … and Anzal Javaid, Year 12 at Ilford Ursuline High School, was following in her older sister’s footsteps – Nazesh took part in 2009!

Anzal Javaid

Patrick Corcoran

Peter Silvester

It was soon Susan Matthews turn to make the climb. Susan is a friend of one of our volunteers, Des Howells, and decided to take part in the abseil despite being afraid of heights!

Susan Matthews

The final two brave volunteers were Hallam Dyckhoff, 16 and a student at King Edward Grammer School, and Gilli Fisher. Hallam and Gilli both attend Most Holy Redeemer parish in Billericay.

Hallam and Gilli

It’s too soon to say how much Team CAFOD abseilers raised but we can say – despite some trepidation before the abseil – that everyone enjoyed the event! We will be back next year …

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