As we watched the rain hitting the windows in the office on Thursday …

,,, the three of us, Mary, David our office volunteer, and myself were all quite pleased as our gardens and allotments needed a good soaking. Then we received the following from Biera in Ethiopia (one of our Connect2 communities):

Our prayers have been answered: it’s raining in Biera

Abba Fitwe writes…

“In Beira, we usually have a short rainy season which starts in February. But this year, the rains didn’t come when they were expected.

Everyone has been praying for rain since February. The people were coming to me and asking me to pray for rain. Our prayer has reached God – It started to rain yesterday. It is also raining today. God has listened to the longing of the animals and the people.

Biera people love to see their land looking green and lush, even more than seeing a fresh meal on the table. They say just looking at a lush farm makes their stomach full. We are so happy that our prayers have been answered.”

Just a small example of how we are all connected, and whilst for Mary, David and myself it was a relief that maybe we wouldn’t be out with our watering cans, for Abba and his community it was the answer to their prayers and hopefully a bountiful crop.

NOTE: Short and moderate rains from February to May are known as the little rains or belg, and correspond to Ethiopia’s secondary harvest season for the northern highland areas. These rains are very important to:

Plant short-cycle crops such as wheat, barley, teff, and pulses which are harvested in June or July.
Plant long-cycle cereal crops such as corn, sorghum and millet which are harvested during the meher season.

Find out more here >>

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