“I left feeling very proud of our Catholic youth, schools and teachers.” (Peter Jones, CAFOD schools volunteer)

During the last week of term, CAFOD schools volunteers were busy in a number of schools:

St Benedict’s College in Colchester held a mini mission day for Years 7 and 8. Volunteers Peter Jones and Kate Cook ran a workshop “All to play for”, one of our exciting new Olympic Games themed activities (available from October). Similar to netball, teams have to score points but there are obstacles to get around, linked to the causes of poverty. They also had to make their own ball to play with – out of plastic bags – similar to those used in Korogocho, the fourth largest slum in Kenya’s capital city Nairobi.

Volunteer John Birbeck visited Canon Palmer to speak with Year 10s about the work of CAFOD and the Christian response to poverty. This is to help them with their GCSE RE module when they return to school in September. John also received donations for the East Africa Appeal and money raised from the sale of resources at their International Evening held the previous week.

Later in the week, Peter visited St Bonaventure’s Secondary School in Forest Gate. He attended their end of year Mass in St Antony’s Church where he was presented with a cheque for £1380.89 by members of the very active CAFOD Group. They spoke at assemblies and have been organising various fundraising activities throughout the year, including selling tea and doughnuts at the recent Yr 7 open evening. Head of RE Niamh McGuinness said “The boys are so busy now – my head of CAFOD has been appointed Head Boy and although he is still involved he has passed on the leadership to another Year 10.”

Peter then walked along to St Angela’s Secondary School, also in Forest Gate, where students presented him with a cheque for £1448.60 at their end of year liturgy.

Students ran lots of activities throughout the year including food sales, raffles, smoothie sales, pancakes on pancake Tuesday, Easter egg hunts, Africa day etc.

After the visits (and a very hectic week) Peter said

“I left feeling very proud of our Catholic youth, schools and teachers.”

We echo that!

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