St Thomas More, Westcliff, Fairtrade Enterprise Day

Enterprise Day at St. Thomas More 5th October 2011
Peter Jones and Joan Risby, Schools Volunteers, were invited to an Enterprise Day for year 12 at St. Thomas More School Westcliff-on-Sea.

Peter and Joan ran a session which highlighted how we depend on many less economically developed countries around the world through what we eat, wear and use. They discussed some startling world statistics in relation to poverty, presented an introduction to Fairtrade and trade justice issues, showed two films on the cotton trade and ran an exercise on how profit is shared out along a supply chain for banana production and sale.

Students then had to design and produce a product using recycled clothing materials, include a Fairtrade element, calculate costs and pricing, pitch their idea to their teachers and parade their designs on a catwalk.

Winning design

The winning team came from class 12/3 with their casual top design.

They were presented with a Fairtrade chocolate prize donated by the local Co-op.

Winning group with Peter Jones and Joan Risby

We would like to thank Alison Lindsay, Head of Business Studies, Economics, Enterprise and General Studies for inviting CAFOD to be part of this excellent day.

Watch a video of the fashion show here >>

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