CJSR Schools Day “Love Thy Neighbour”

Nearly 100 young people from around the Diocese attended the annual CJSR Schools Day, this year held at St Thomas More School in Westcliff.

Schools represented were: St Benedict’s, Colchester – St Bonaventure’s, Forest Gate – St John’s, Woodford – Trinity, Woodford – Brentwood Ursuline, Brentwood – Grays Convent, Grays – De La Salle, Basildon and of course St Thomas More.

The theme of the day was “Love Thy Neighbour” and there were workshops from CAFOD Brentwood, London Citizens, and CJSR Marriage & Family Life.

Everyone who needs help is my neighbour. Everyone has a role to play. If you get to know your neighbours it makes it easier to love them

CAFOD’s workshop asked the question “who is your neighbour?” and looked at the work of Ivanete de Araujo who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ivanete works for APOIO, offering people alternatives to life on the street. She truly is a good neighbour to the homeless. You can read Ivanete’s story here >> Students also saw a short film about Ivanete’s dreams for the future.

Don’t take things for granted but thank God for what you have

Students were then asked to think about how they could be a good neighbour and asked for practical ways they could help in their communities. Thank you to Education Volunteers Peter Jones and Joan Risby for running the workshops.

Building community through different organising bodies within society

To make a difference, we should have a day at school where in every lesson we will learn about CAFOD and what it does. You can come in in non-uniform and pay £1. Not only are you giving money to CAFOD but with the lessons in the day you will know what that £1 will do for someone

I could sell all my old games/games consoles and give the money to charity

Feedback from the students was very positive. We look forward to 2012!

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