Flame Congress 2012

Over 8000 young people arrived at Wembley Arena for the Flame Congress, organised by CYMFED.

CAFOD was launching Pass It On. At the early Olympic Games athletes travelled safely during a 100 days’ truce. Attendees were invited to make a film, add a message and to “pass it on” to people who won’t be at peace in 2012. You can see a few here, including Archbishop Vincent Nichols and Fr Christopher Jamison who joined in with our peace solidarity action yesterday – we’ll be busy over the next couple of weeks uploading the hundreds of videos from the Flame Congress so keep on checking if you had your video taken at Flame. Don’t forget you can also make and upload your own Pass It On videos – why not get a few friends together?

It was great to see so many young people from the Diocese of Brentwood joining with thousands from around the country.

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You can also see pictures taken during the day here >>

Flame Congress was inspired by the events of September 2010 and by what is to come in Summer 2012.

September 2010 saw the historic visit of Pope Benedict XVI with powerful, memorable scenes in the Piazza at Westminster Cathedral, at the Big Assembly, Twickenham, and in Hyde Park. Thousands of young people joyfully celebrating faith and being affirmed in their voice and role in a vibrant Church.

2012 is the year when the Olympics comes to Britain. Pope John Paul II – himself a keen sportsman – wrote magnificently about the relationship between sport and faith. In his name, the Pope John Paul II Foundation for Sport will seek to continue to develop sport within the Church in the months and years following 2012.

These inspirations set the scene for an event where thousands of young Catholics participated in an event that set their hearts on fire with messages of hope, faith, challenge, justice, and leadership in adversity. It was a dynamic atmosphere of joy and participation which happens when young people come together in such numbers and are well led, and completely engaged.

All in all, Flame Congress will be an event to ignite young hearts and souls afresh with the joy of the Gospel message

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