Blessed Sacrament, Chelmsford, from Pancakes to Water Droplets!

L to R Christine Traynier, (who hosted the lunch) Tricia McCaul (assistant cook) and Jean Sporle (Waitress)
Lent has been a busy time for the J&P group at Blessed Sacrament in Chelmsford.

Eileen Webster writes:

“The J&P group organised a total of 7 Lenten lunches – all inspired by the £ for £ promise. Total raised from 7 lenten lunches = £1074.50 (doubled this makes £2149.00!!!!!)

Christine Traynier

The first was a pancake lunch and pre-Lent fundraiser hosted by Christine Traynier (pictured with Tricia McCaul and Jean Sporle who both helped).

The group also arranged a Thirst for Change campaign card signing and displayed the water droplets on the J&P board and also organised a display of 50th anniversary cakes!

L to R Sheila and Barry Mayo, Jean Sporle and Margaret Fox

L to R Jerry O'Mahoney, Christine Bailey, Irene Zeller, and Mangalam children.

The parish was also pleased to welcome CAFOD speaker Sylvia Lanz over the weekend of 3/4th March.”

Thank you to everyone involved!

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