St John Payne School Lenten Give it Up for CAFOD

St John Payne school has been busy raising awareness and fundraising during Lent with lots of different activities taking place.

Head of RE, Viv Moore, writes: During Lent various classes engaged in different activities.  Year 11 made a donation to walk around the perimeters of the field in a ‘Walk for Water’, a few chose to carry packs on their heads.

Other activities included raffles, lucky dips, cake sales, a chocolate tombola, selling handmade greetings cards, ‘Cafod Fairs,’ and in some RS lessons, paper plane races, soak the teacher, food tasting (blindfold) and many other activities.

Thirst for water was put in practice by asking pupils to fill paper cups and smartie tubes with coins and return them.  Lower school pupils did exceptionally well raising over £1000s.  Individual pupils raised money through sponsored swims, bike rides, and horse jumping.  Two or three Year 7 pupils did a teacher tidy service and booked in to tidy teachers desks/offices.  There were also ‘Lent Taxes’ issued by some teachers for upper school pupils who breached regulations.

There were some interesting and exciting lessons and lunchtimes!

Well done to all pupils and thanks to parents for their generosity and support with time, money and resources.”

Phew – we also thank everyone for their energy as well!

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