Sacred Heart Yr 7 “All to play for”

As part of the school’s enrichment week, CAFOD led a session around the Olympics for Yr 7 students.

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During the Olympic Games, teams from 205 countries around the world are expected to challenge each other in more than 300 events. But beyond the Games there is a much bigger challenge to tackle: the reasons why people are poor. “All to Play For” looks at the causes of poverty and is based on the experiences of talented young people who live in the very poor community of Korogocho in Kenya.

After hearing about the community of Korogocho, students have to make the balls they will play with. Sports balls are not always easy to find in Korogocho. But the players know they are quick and easy to make, by re-using plastic bags!

Volunteers Peter Jones and John Birbeck commented “The students were very receptive and interested, they asked questions and joined in fully with the activities”. Peter also mentioned “it was quite the most exhausting CAFOD presentation I have done – particularly as it was such a hot day! … it was a very rewarding and satisfying day, especially with regard to some excellent debriefing sessions with the girls after the game”.

Well done Sacred Heart Yr 7s!

St John’s Sports Society, an organisation supported by CAFOD, helps young people to change their lives through sport. Basketball, volleyball, football, athletics and many other teams meet three days a week to play, talk and pray. Sport is a great way to learn skills like team work and leadership: people work together to achieve their goals. Many of the St John’s players are extremely talented and now play for Kenyan national sports teams.

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