Palmer Catholic Academy, Seven Kings, rap for peace

Volunteers Joan Risby, Peter Jones and John Birbeck spent the morning with Year 10s from Palmer Catholic Academy.

Joan writes:

“We ran two Olympic Workshops using the CAFODs countries icebreaker, Run the Good Race (Olympic values-Gospel values), Sporting Chance, Olympic Quiz, 100 Days of Peace – creating a Pathway to Peace, finishing with the St Frances of Assisi prayer. Students had the option of designing peace symbols or writing and performing raps or poems. Some very good raps were produced and performed.

The overall theme was Make an effort to bring peace into our lives during the Olympic time”

Unfortunately we can’t include all the raps and songs at the moment but two can be viewed here >> and here >> and just to show how versatile our volunteers are, one group were too shy to perform so our very own Peter the Rapper took to the mic >>

RE Teacher, Gina Semambo wrote afterwards to thank Joan, Peter and John for an excellent presentation and to say how much the students enjoyed the session.

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