The Campion School, Hornchurch – Peace Day

The Campion School – Peace Day – Lay Chaplain, Matt Tomlinson writes:

On Monday 9th July The Campion School celebrated a ‘peace day’ as part of the 100 days of peace. We prepared for the day by all filling out a dove with our visions and idea of peace, which were then placed around the school and the chapel on the Monday for the whole school to read. We started the day by having morning prayer open to staff and students where we concentrated on the idea of peace in our hearts being the most important factor in solving the great problems of world peace.

After morning prayer a whole school assembly focused on the opportunities we have in our local area with the upcoming Olympics, and some of the ways in which creating peace is possible for young people unafraid to face controversial issues head on.

Throughout the rest of the day lessons begun with a peace reflection and prayer, and a collage and display was created by many pupils in the school chapel. At lunchtime the pupils and some staff took part in some proactive ways of spreading the message of peace. Firstly, by taking part in the CAFOD Pass It On campaign and also by taking part in an world record attempt for the most Origami peace boats. Years 7, 8 and 9 had previously entered a peace art competition run by ‘Pieces for Peace’, and as part of their project at the Regent’s Canal Festival they were trying to create 36,000 origami boats to highlight the number of sheets of paper wasted daily in some London offices. Our pupils have contributed hundreds of boats to this attempt themselves – hopefully becoming world record breakers!

All of us here at The Campion School pray for a safe and spectacular London Olympics, that highlight the love and peace that our young people feel so strongly should be at the centre of the greatest sporting event on the planet.

Peace messages

Peace boats

Preparing peace boats

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