Schools Volunteer Refresher Day

Schools volunteers from around the south east gathered together to look at the new Harvest Fast Day resources for primary and secondary schools. Among the Brentwood team were Joan Risby, Peter Jones, John Birbeck and Jim Love, pictured below with Joint Diocesan Manager, Joanna Jarvis.

Harvest Fast Day takes place on Friday 5th October and this year asks us to Share the Harvest and Make a Place at the Table for people who don’t have enough to eat. God has created a beautiful world in which there’s more than enough food for everyone. But shockingly, 925 million people – one in seven of us – will go to bed hungry tonight.

By sharing a little of what we have this Harvest Fast Day we can start to build a better world.

If you work in a school and would like a visit from one of our schools volunteers, email or call 020 8502 9722

Just ask yourself: could you spare £1 a week – the cost of a single meal? By donating £1 a week (£4 a month) or more to CAFOD you can give a child more than just food for today. You can give their family the tools and training they really need. You can give them a place at the table God spreads for us all. Please make a place at your table this Harvest.

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