Hungry for Change picnic – the launch of CAFOD’s latest campaign

Denise and Joanna, a fish and a loaf!

On 10 November, 250 campaigners joined in an unseasonal picnic – complete with checked rugs, picnic hampers and a giant loaf and fish – outside Westminster Cathedral to raise awareness about CAFOD’s new Hungry for change campaign.

L-R Katherine, Hannah and Sarah from BCYS join the picnic

The picnic was the centrepiece of a whole day of activities, including food for thought from speakers and workshops, a pop-up exhibition of previous campaigns, worship and the first viewing of a new animation explaining the food system – all of which left people with an appetite for action.

Father Joe Komakoma shared stories from his native Zambia showing how, despite the country’s relative economic success, many small-scale farmers were struggling to survive and climate change was making it harder for families to grow enough food to eat and sell.

Clare, parish contact for Hutton near Brentwood, was attending her first campaign launch. She said “We both really enjoyed the conference last Saturday”.

The Hungry for change campaign draws inspiration from Jesus’ feeding of five thousand people with five loaves and two fish and from the belief that our hunger for change, in solidarity with our neighbours and through the grace of God, can transform our world.

Find out more about Hungry for Change and take action here >>

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