1st December is World AIDS Day

The global theme for this year’s World AIDS Day on 1 December is ‘Getting to Zero’. Zero new HIV infections. Zero AIDS-related deaths. Zero discriminations.

Much has been achieved in the past 30 years of the AIDS pandemic but if we are to “get to Zero”, we must stand in solidarity with those affected by HIV and AIDS and demand action and commitment from decision-makers to provide support and end stigma and discrimination for those affected. And we, as faith communities, must ensure that we too are playing a leading role in the HIV response.

Act now. Email the UK Government calling for leadership in tackling HIV and AIDS >

If those living with and affected by HIV and AIDS had sufficient, nutritious food, imagine the difference this would make to the vision of “Zero new HIV infections. Zero AIDS-related deaths. Zero discrimination”.

CAFOD has warned that the progress in delivering anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs to people living with HIV in Africa is being threatened by rising food prices across the continent.

There has been a rapid expansion of the availability of ARV drugs in poorer countries, extending the length and improving the quality of life for many people living with HIV. But as the cost of food continues to rise, people are increasingly struggling to afford the balanced diet essential for the success of the treatment.

“If you take ARVs without sufficient food, they cause serious nausea, loss of appetite, increase diarrhea and vomiting, and bring severe abdominal cramps,” says Caroline Njeri Muthiga, CAFOD’s nutrition expert in Kenya. Read more >>

By supporting our Hungry for change campaign, you can call for a fairer food system, so that people living with HIV and AIDS and their families can live healthier and better lives.

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