Ursuline Convent High School, Brentwood, World Gift wonders!


Volunteer Peter Jones was delighted to be invited to collect a cheque for £1395 from students at Ursuline Convent High School. Money was raised during the summer term to buy World Gifts

One fundraiser, Katherine (15), hoped to raise enough money to buy and cow or train a midwife and challenged her school friends to a fundraising challenge. Fellow students accepted the challenge and raised a total of £1395!

When interviewed for the local newspaper, the Brentwood Gazette, Katherine said:

“I thought it would be good to raise enough money to buy a CAFOD gift.

I was aiming for £100, so I stood up in the Year 7 assembly, explained the plan and asked forms to come up with a simple fundraising idea. It then became quite competitive with forms seeing which could raise the most cash.”

Students made cakes and bracelets to sell, organised a sponsored run, and held a non-uniform day.

Katherine is part of the schools Justice & Peace group and as well as fundraising does all it can to highlight the problems faced by people living in poorer nations.

Image: Brentwood Gazette

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