St Mary’s Hornchurch raise an amazing £2,448 for World Gifts

St Marys - world Gifts 2IMG_2247Father James Mackay, pictured here, and the parishioners of St Mary’s in Hornchurch thought they would buy something important for those in need this Christmas and aimed to raise £750 for a Community Water Supply over 2 weeks. After the first week alone over £950 was raised and they exceeded all expectations collecting an amazing £2,448.87 – more than enough for 3 communities to enjoy a supply of clean water for drinking and washing without risk of catching deadly water-borne diseases.

After all masses 3 children dressed as Santa’s little elves and stood at the doors with Christmas stockings to collect the money – as you can imagine parishioners found them hard to resist! A wonderful water pump poster helped plot their fundraising and the idea quickly caught the imagination, and parishioners also made and sold cakes too!

A big THANK YOU to everyone for their generosity and thoughtfulness this Christmas .

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