St Peter’s Primary School, Romford hold a Rich man Poor man coffee afternoon

Feast or famine?

Feast or famine?

Head, Jenny Waterfield, writes:

“Having known 1 in 8 people in the world are hungry, we sold each person a ticket as entrance to our coffee afternoon after school. The tickets were arranged so that in each group of 8 tickets sold, one of them was for a poor man’s meal.

Rich people received a doughnut, biscuit, crisps and sausage/tea/coffee/squash, whilst Poor people received two dry crackers and a glass of water

The event was a striking way of demonstrating the realities of food poverty in the world. It was good for our community to see/understand how fortunate most people in the world are, but also equally important to see the injustice of those who go without.

The children and parents were overwhelmed with the impact of the event and would like to repeat next year. We had a CAFOD powerpoint presentation and popsters displayed – all of which came after our CAFOD assembly we had days before, given by volunteer, Peter Jones.”

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