Our Marathon Marvels!

CAFOD Brentwood were delighted to have five people supporting CAFOD in the London Marathon.

Adele Moggan

Adele Moggan

Adele Moggan (53), from Basildon, ran a personal best of 4 hours 53 minutes. She claimed that this was just “training” for the notorious Marathon des Sabres, a gruelling 156-mile run over 6 days in the Sahara Desert – which she plans to run in 2015!

Jame and Joe Finch (with Lauren Rivers)

Jame and Joe Finch (with Lauren Rivers)

Joe Finch, from Brentwood, finished in a fantastic time of 3 hours 6 minutes (in only his second marathon). Joe was almost forced to stop by crippling knee pain with 2 miles to go. He said it was a banner on the course that persuaded him to carry on: “Run fast. Walk if you have to. But finish for Boston”. James, father of Joe, also took part in the Marathon.

Peter French

Peter French

Peter French (47) from Woodford Green, also set a person best in his ninth marathon and beat his personal fundraising total for CAFOD, raising a fintal total of £4500. He said afterwards: “What I like about CAFOD is that they help poverty-stricken communities by getting them back on their own feet, not just throwing money at them. Ultimately everyone is helped to provide for themselves.”

Peter Tree

Peter Tree

Peter Tree (58), a veteran of eight marathons from Thurrock, ran the London Marathon to raise money in memory of ex-CAFOD staffer, Antony Mahony, his best friend since childhood who died in 2011 from cancer.

Well done to everyone who took part in the London Marathon.

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