working the land in Sebeya

working the land in Sebeya

Welcome to Sebeya. Sebeya is a village of around 9,000 people, in the dry, arid north of Ethiopia. Most of the people of Sebeya make a living through farming. They grow crops such as maize, wheat, barley and sorghum.

Our new community is called Sebeya. We’ve chosen this village because of its issues with access to clean water; its lack of reservoirs and canals; and poor roads and transportation links.

Watch a video from the community here

Abba Solomon saying mass

Abba Solomon saying mass

The majority of people in Sebeya are Orthodox Christians, but there is a strong group of over 800 Catholics. Meskel (the feast of the finding of the True Cross) and New Year are the biggest holidays in Sebeya. Find out more

About Connect2
Connect2 is an exciting way to create solidarity across the world. When your parish joins, you’ll hear directly from people in developing countries who are working hard, often against the odds, to improve their lives. This is their chance to tell you themselves, in their own words, about how your support is changing their lives. You’ll get to know the local people and discover how our partners are making a difference.

How does it work?
You and your parish choose a country to Connect2. To begin the journey, you’ll receive photos and stories from your chosen community. Over the next few years, you can look forward to regular updates from different local people, as they share their struggles, hopes and dreams with you in their own words. In return, you can share news from your parish and community life, through photos, cards and messages of solidarity.

It’s a personal journey between your parish and the community you support; a chance to be a part of that community’s life in the longer term.

Where to Connect2
Your parish can choose to follow a community in Cambodia, Brazil, El Salvador, or Ethiopia.

If you would like more information about Connect2 for your community, please contact the CAFOD Brentwood office on 020 8502 9722 or email

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