Festival goers are Hungry for Change

Denise and nine volunteers attended the VFestival in Chelmsford to share the Hungry for Change campaign with festival goers.

1149 people signed a petition to David Cameron outlining the fact that it is a scandal that some 870 million people go to bed hungry each night although there is enough food in the world for everyone. You can email David Cameron here >>

As well as rovers – volunteers taking the petition out into the crowds – the coconut shy at the stall enticed people to visit the stall and sign the petition.

There was also plenty of time to see the bands, with Beyonce and Calvin Harris proving popular with the volunteers.

This year’s volunteers came from around the country – travelling from as far as Liverpool. Thank you to Ian, Joe, Matthew, Oliver, Sarah, Sarah, Sean, Stuart and Tope for their hard work.

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One thought on “Festival goers are Hungry for Change

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