EVENT: A billion reasons to believe in Africa

A billion reasons to believe in Africa: The long march from “the hopeless continent” to “the spiritual lung of humanity”

Fr_-Agbonkhianmeghe-Orobator-SJThis year’s Pope Paul VI Memorial Lecture will be given by Fr Agbonkhianmeghe E Orobator SJ.

Fr Orobator is an eminent author, theologian and lecturer from Nigeria. He is currently serving in Kenya as the Provincial of the East Africa Jesuit Province.

When we think of Africa, how many of us see the stereotyped vision of a dusty, hot place filled with people struggling to survive? How can this Africa possibly find a way out of its situation? Or has it now thrown off its “hopeless continent” image? And how can we apply the teachings of the Catholic Church to the issues of development and social advancement? In his lecture Fr Orobator will look beyond the stereotypes of Africa to explore turning points in the continent’s history, its contribution to the wider world and reasons for hope in its future.

Friday 18th October 2013
7pm start (doors open at 6.30pm)
followed by a reception

Chair: Shelagh Fogarty

Venue: Greenwood Theatre
King’s College, London
55 Weston Street
London SE1 3RA

Tickets: Free but must be booked in advance

Please contact CAFOD on 020 7095 5684 or visit cafod.org.uk/lecture to book tickets and to watch a video message from Fr Orobator SJ.

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