Food for Thought for St Thomas More School, Westcliff

We were pleased to spend the day with Year 13 to look at the issues of hunger around the world.

The morning began with the Harvest Fast Day assembly “the Big Share“. Students will be collecting tinned/dried food for the local homeless shelter and spare change will be collected for CAFOD.

Students were introduced to the Hungry for Change campaign by way of Myths & Realities group work. They were then encouraged to sign a loaf or fish to send to David Cameron.

Dear Prime Minister, I’m writing to ask if you can make a change and make the world a fairer place, with an equal distribution of food and aid”

The tower building activity proved popular. The challenge was to make the tallest free-standing structure they could – but whilst some groups had unlimited access to resources such as sticky tape and paper, others had a limited supply of straws and sticky tape. This of course demonstrating how the distribution of resources is not fair around the world.

The morning session closed with a plenary and reflection.

In the afternoon we held a debate as to whether the UK should be directing aid money to less economically developed countries in the present financial climate.

Some interesting comments and thoughts came out during the various activities.

Thank you to the RE department for inviting us to work with the group.

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